17 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing for Your Business in 2023


What is an AI Marketing Tool?

An AI Marketing tool is a software using artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate and optimize your digital marketing. AI Marketing tools can help you boost your visibility and reach your target audience faster and save money at the same time.

Why use AI Powered Marketing Tools?

Most people can not yet grasp how AI can help them in their business. Many people are afraid of AI because they believe it will make their job obsolete. You don’t need to be afraid of that, at least not if you use AI tools yourself. Because not AI will take your job, but someone who uses AI tools will!

AI tools can help you in many aspect of your business, especially in marketing. Here are a few things that AI can help you with:

  1. Save time

  2. Save money

  3. Reach your target audience better

  4. Get ahead of the 99% not yet using AI marketing tools

You definitely want to use AI Marketing tools, and the earlier you start, the more you will be ahead of the competition.

How is AI used in marketing?

Before we get into the tools, you should know how AI Marketing Tools are currently used and what aspects of your business they can improve. You can create your own content marketing toolkit by finding the best matching AI software from the following types of AI powered tools. These are the X types of tools currently used:

  • AI Optimized Content

  • AI SEO Tools

  • AI Writing Tools

  • AI Social Media Marketing Tools

  • AI Content Generation Tools

  • AI Email Marketing Tools

  • AI Video Generator Tools

The tools we will cover in this article

https://phrasee.co/ (AI Optimized Content)

https://surferseo.com/ (AI SEO tool)

https://www.feedhive.com/ (AI Content Generation)

https://phrasee.co/ (AI Optimized Content)

https://surferseo.com/ (AI SEO tool)

https://www.feedhive.com/ (AI Content Generation)

https://www.synthesia.io/ (AI Video Generation)

https://www.jasper.ai/ (AI Copywriting)

https://zapier.com/ (AI Automation)

https://www.canva.com/ (Content Generation)

https://www.grammarly.com/ (AI Writing Tool)

https://www.hootsuite.com/ (AI Social Media Marketing tool)

https://rasa.io/ (AI Email Marketing and Sales)

https://murf.ai/ (Studio Quality Voice in Minutes)

https://www.connectly.ai/ (AI Whatsapp Marketing tool)

https://www.longshot.ai/ (AI Content Generation tool)

https://brand24.com/ (AI Brand Monitoring tool)

https://brandmentions.com/ (AI Brand Voice tool)

https://reply.io/ (AI Sales Email Assistant)

https://headlime.com/ (AI Copywriting tool)

25 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2023

https://phrasee.co/ (AI Optimized Content)

Phrasee is an ai software helping you create high quality content by using artificial intelligence. It’s not always easy to write good text that convinces potential customers. Phrasee can help you drastically increase your click up rate.

Phrasee can be used on multiple marketing channels such as Email marketing, push-notifications, web, SMS and social media. Key features are generating, automating and optimizing messages, understanding what your potential customers want to hear. Creating content marketing campaigns and high-quality content.

Price: Individual pricing
Best for larger companies

https://surferseo.com/ (AI SEO tool)

Surfer SEO is one of the best AI marketing tools when it comes to optimizing your content for Search engines. Instead of drafting your content in a google docs, you can edit your content in the Surfer Content editor, getting an extensive amount of keywords and a real time score of your text.

The tool is one of the best AI marketing tools and will give you actionable insights while you create content. Especially when it comes to SEO, you will no longer be able to compete with other sites using an advanced ai marketing tool like Surfer SEO.

Price: Starts at 49$ per month (annual subscription) or 59$ (monthly description) excluding taxes

Best for Small businesses, bloggers or anyone who wants to rank on google

https://www.feedhive.com/ (AI Content Generation)

We need more and more content to stay afloat and grow our social media. Pushing out new high-quality social media posts can be difficult and cost intensive.

Feedhive helps you create social media posts at scale for all kinds of social media platforms including instagram, tiktok and youtube. You are able to share the same content to multiple platforms or fulfill your individual content strategy for each platform.

This helps you have faster and seamless social media management saving time for sales and marketing teams.

Price: Starts at 19 $ per month for a creator account with up to 4 channels

Great for Creators, Brands or larger companies

https://www.synthesia.io/ (AI Video Generation)

Synthesia.io is a video AI tool using artificial intelligence to create high quality videos. It makes it super easy to create how to videos, or videos explaining your product features. Synthesia.io helps you create videos using AI technology and saves you cost and time.

You simply choose a character and insert text to create high quality content. This AI powered tool is one of the best ai applications as video content becomes more and more important in digital advertising.

Price: 26 $ monthly for a personal account

Great for anyone who wants to create automated videos

https://www.jasper.ai/ (AI Copywriting)

Jasper is one of the best known ai marketing tools using machine learning to help you write great text 10x faster. It is an AI copywriting tool for social media, helping you execute your content marketing strategies in no time.

Jasper uses a natural language generation system and natural language processing to create great posts with very small input and time commitment from you. This tool will help individual digital marketers and marketing teams.

Price: Starting at 49$ monthly for 50k words

Great for bloggers or anyone who needs to create a lot of content

https://zapier.com/ (AI Automation)

Nowadays, automation is key to stay and grow in business. This is even more true in marketing, which is why you shouldn’t miss using marketing automation tools and you definitely shouldn’t miss Zapier.

Zapier is hands down the best AI marketing tools to help sales and marketing teams ace their marketing strategy. Zapier is an AI marketing software that can automate almost any process in your business.

Price: Freebie version available, 20$ monthly for starters (annual subscription), 30$ monthly (monthly description)

Individuals with a lot of different recurring tasks, small and larger companies

https://www.canva.com/ (Content Generation)

You are not happy with your existing content and it takes too long to create? We don’t think we need to introduce you to one of the most used content marketing tools, Canva, but did you know that Canva also uses AI? Canva might not be the first tool that you think about when speaking about using artificial intelligence marketing tools, but it used both internal and external insights from AI.

Price: Freebie version available, pro version is 12 $ monthly in a monthly descrition

Great for influencers, bloggers and small brands or anyone who needs to create visual content

https://www.grammarly.com/ (AI Grammar Tool)

When publishing any text or content on the internet, perfect grammar is an absolute must! Grammarly is a marketing AI tool helping you write in perfect grammar in any text from an instagram caption to email subject lines.

Grammarly is a writing optimization software using artificial intelligence marketing to make your content perfect. You can simply input your text into the AI powered tool and it will give you actionable insights about your grammar reaching far beyond just simple spelling mistakes. You will also see suggestions about grammar, tone of voice, readability etc.

Before publishing anything, make sure to use this marketing tool to scan through your text and eventually make your target audience happy.

Price: Freebie version available, 12$ monthly for the pro version

Must have for anyone who writes text!

https://www.hootsuite.com/ (AI Social Media Marketing tool)

Hootsuit is THE tool for social media. This AI marketing platform can do the basics and has key features such as publishing your content engage customers using artificial intelligence to analyze customer data and your results across multiple platforms. It also lets you manage paid ads on social media or google ads.

You will be able to manage all your social media activities in a single dashboard and get ahead of the competition.

Price: 99$ per month, free trial period of 1 month available

Great for influencers, brands and companies who focus strongly on Social media

https://rasa.io/ (AI Email Marketing and Sales)

Email marketing, who doesn’t love it? Even though it can be a very powerful tool, it’s hard to actually get all the value from it, as most people hardly open mails from email lists anymore. Rasa can help make your email marketing profitable again.

Rasa.io Automates your email campaign through aggregating content from your social media content, website, landing page or other to create content in no time. It curates content and automates the posting of it as emails. Not much work anymore required from you!

https://murf.ai/ (Studio Quality Voice in Minutes)

Everyone who has ever started a podcast knows how difficult and expensive it can be to record voice. If you don’t have a professional setup or money to pay a professional speaker, voice can be a tricky part of content generation. In 2023, AI has a solution for that!

Murf AI is the best ai powered voice generator, helping you create studio quality voice in minutes. Simply input a text, and artificial intelligence will help you create amazing voice marketing content.

Price: Freebie version available, starts at 19$ per month (annual subscription), 29$ per month (monthly subscription)

Great for podcasters, video creators or anyone who creates a lot of video and voice content

https://www.connectly.ai/ (AI Whatsapp Marketing tool)

Do you use Whatsapp as a marketing tool? Maybe you should! But if you do, consider using an AI tool to help make your life easier. Whatsapp marketing can be a great way to get closer to your customers and reach them in a space closer to their personal life.

Whatsapp is one of the marketing strategies that can really boost sales. Connectly.ai lets you create Whatsapp Marketing campaigns, no-code bots and gives you accurate and insightful reporting.

Price: Starts at 80$ per month

Best for brands and businesses using a lot of Whatsapp Marketing

https://www.longshot.ai/ (AI Content Generation tool)

Long Shot is an AI content marketing tool that both actual readers and search engines love. If you use free tools such as Chat GPT, you’ll notice pretty quickly that the hype about this ai powered tool is a bit much.

Letting artificial intelligence write text is not difficult these days, but creating text using ai that is interesting for customers and cannot be detected as AI is not easy. Content on the internet has to be optimized for both humans and SEO and Longshot AI can help you do that much faster.

The AI tool has multiple key features and helps you rephrase content, create FAQ’s, generates headlines and headline ideas. This is one of the AI powered marketing tools that can really save you time and reduce writing blockages.

Price: Starts at 29$ per month (annual subscription), 39$ per month (monthly subscription)

Great for bloggers and companies

https://brand24.com/ (AI Brand Monitoring tool)

Did you ever want to know what everyone thinks about you? It’s a natural instinct! And even though some opinions about oneself might hurt, it is important as a brand to know what others think about the product or service.

Brand24 is an AI platform that makes possible what is unthinkable to do with a manual team, it scrapes and analyzes all mentions and customer data of your brand on the internet!

Price: Starts at 49$ per month (annual subscription) and 59$ per month (monthly subscription)

Great for brands and bigger companies

https://brandmentions.com/ (AI Brand Voice tool)

Brand Mentions is another tool to monitor brand language and recognition on the web. The tool scrapes all existing content and finds where your company is mentioned. The feedback you receive will help you create the right marketing strategy and succeed better.

Price: Starts at 99$ per month (quarterly subscription)

Best for larger brands

https://reply.io/ (AI Sales Email Assistant)

We all know that there is a difference between actual work and meetings and that we should find solutions to make our meetings more efficient. Reply.io is an AI marketing platform providing multiple tools to discover, engage and execute.

The tools include an Email assistant using artificial intelligence, Meeting bookings, LinkedIn and cloud calls.

Price: Different tools priced individually, starts at 29$ per email account per month – 90$ monthly

Companies with a lot of sales and email engagement

https://headlime.com/ (AI Copywriting tool)

Headlime is another AI marketing tool to help you with your marketing campaigns. It is an AI marketing software to help you write better. It is great for bloggers, copywriters, and anyone who needs to create a lot of written content. Headlime can even create landing pages and generates full documents for you.

And never forget: Artificial intelligence will not take your job, but the people who use the best AI marketing tools will!

Price: Starts at 59$ monthly for individuals

Great for bloggers, freelance copywriters and companies that create a lot of written content

How to choose the right AI marketing tool for You?

First of all, you should think about what you do now, and what you currently spend the most money and time on. These are some of the things that you can easily optimize without adding unnecessary complexity to your company.

Do you spend most time on content creation? Try an AI writing or content creation tool. Do you spend a lot of time with your Whatsapp marketing? Maybe look into using a tool for that.

In some regards, you will surely be left behind the competition if you don’t use it for yourself. This is important for i.e. SEO where it is very competitive. AI tools can help you to stay ahead of the competition.

After all, you should think about yourself and your needs when considering to use an AI tool. There is no need to believe any hype, but it is always wise to see what’s out there.

Which AI technologies are there for Marketing?

Chatbots: Chatbots can help you attend to customers faster while reducing your customer support team to a minimum. It can also be used to personalize marketing campaigns.

Predictive analysis: Real innovators will know what customers want even before they know. Well, predictive artificial intelligence algorithms can predict it even faster. A predictive AI tool uses machine learning to predict future customer behavior and helps you create content and develop products that customers will love.

Content Generation: After the rise of ChatGPT, and AI art, generative AI tools might be the most popular. They can create something amazing out of nothing! Marketing software using artificial intelligence to generate content can make your content better and faster. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these tools in the future.

Personalization: Personalization is a great marketing strategy because, it will increase the conversion rate because the offering will be more targeted towards the individual customer reading it.

Optimization: AI tools can help you optimize your content for SEO and give you insights you could never find out yourself. It can also test and optimize marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

Social Listening tools: Social listening tools make another thing possible that we could never do on our own, screening all content available on the web about your product or brand. Crazy, right?

Should I be careful about my personal and business data when using AI tools?

It is important to be careful with your data when using AI technology. Always look into what companies do with the date you provide them. The times we live in are exciting and we often want to try out anything to make our processes better. Whenever you use an AI tool, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Read the company’s privacy policy

2. Only provide the absolutely necessary personal data with the tool

3. Check if the company uses encryption in the tool providing a sign that it’s more secure

4. Use a VPN to keep more privacy


There are a lot of AI tools for digital marketing out there and 2023 is definitely the time to start using them. However, the tools are also expensive which is why you should go according to your own needs to determine which tools to actually use.

What’s for sure however, is that if you use the tools in a smart way and keep up with the speed of the industry, you can go ahead of the competition fast!


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